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hey folks,

and to resolve any confusions, this wordpress has been transferred to new home .. .





this webspace is currently under construction,   which means we are creating/rearranging pages , drafting ideas,  focusing intentions , writing bits,  building a real, stable structure out of incredibly energetic ideas,  and it is always a work in progress.  so let you know, if watching here, you watch it grow !

if any particular questions ,  comments, insights,  insults ..  messages to .  do it directly thru contact page.  why not!

the lot of us are living together in a new house, with instruments accessible and interactivity abundant.  evolutionary .

day to day , your individual effort counts for what it’s worth,  and use it, to help your self,  help your peers,  your communities.  energies are positive and negative, and you choose how to direct your bit.

many projects under way,  setting short term goals, long term goals to fulfill our potentials, to fufill our purposes. do what you can, with humility, and the rest will follow.

let’s chat soon.


post scriptum ..    there is a new new home-style open mic night in town, a genuine hootenanny.  the next one scheduled for Nov. 11 at 222 Lyon St. in Clifton Heights.  in addition, check out a recurring open mic at Rohs Street Cafe on Nov. 18, and a bit earlier that evening, an open mic event on UC campus,  hosted by Undergrad English Society .

a concerted effort

dearest readers,

the marburg collective is group of creative folk connected and inspired by their creative work.   the collective extends to incorporate any and every Cincinnative enthusiastic about energizing the arts community in this city. the collective exists graphically as a cluster of concentric social circles, at the center of which reside core cohorts of expressive and anxious pace makers.   this is a vision.

a particular group of us seem afloat around a concerted effort to make strides in the direction of potent live experience.  the effort manifests in musical collaboration thru the filters of a number of projects, namely Gorgeous,  which will leak new material on the 30th of September at Rohs. a new recording compilation project is under way, as is the organization of various events in various concert spaces.  the effort is only meaningful with the participation of a community, which includes you, and it is easy to support the cause, simply by being present and offering your voice.

the cause is still being defined.  one reason for perpetuating meaningful live experience is because it helps us to enjoy being here, being active and present.  beyond this reason, we consider whether or not we want to engage in ourselves. if not, then what point?



..shalt not tarry

Hey folks,

IF the summer is for spinning outward and flex about, all out all the time,  now may we hold it in our bellies,  energy a-biding with a kind of focus and direction with which we may practice step-by-step, and discipline, and many short term accomplishment. 

The Marburg Hotel houses new tenants, and the lot of us who were interested in hosting events have since moved  away. Many of us are in temporary living situations, until the right kind of space comes to settle. Momentarily,  there resides in this name “Marburg”  a load of potential energy, and momentum,  that has been cultivated by a good lot of people, by the folks who have performed and spilled and wept and crept in the Marburg Hotel, the folks who attended shows with various levels of attention, the folks who with effervescence at the happening,  swallowed the bigger bubbly projections to settle with what there was to offer,  which was a free space, and you are welcome to share in it.

The Marburg Collective, which has always been loosely defined, but comprised at the core of a brilliant set of heads, will continue to pursue projects – to do with the arts, and live shows – in coincidence with fulfilling personal goals, and making a healthy living, individually.  The future of the name “Marburg” remains fuzzy, but knowing it proceeds with real, tangible plans for a variety of events, recordings, composing and performing, no worries.

At this point,  there is a great deal of energy going into the event space/business at Rohs Street Cafe. A fresh coat of paint, acoustic paneling, a mailing list !  hot sweet billy bones,  come on in for that wicked drip coffee.  This fall will feature the reinitiation of monthly Open Mic Night – Oct. 14, Nov. 18, Dec. 9 – as well as monthly Classical Cafe   –  Oct. 12, Nov. 16, Dec. 7 –  which features alternative venue classical and “new” music performance, at the collegiate and professional levels.  A continuation of the Writer’s Round – a songwriters’ round robin – and live jazz on Thursdays. Most every Friday and Saturday night there will be a show, and stay tuned for “Art Fuel” –  a multi-media mash of unconventional visual art display and avant music performance on October 28.  Keep up with these events  at RSC Events [] .

Until then, holler.  We’ll see you in Sweden.


summer travels

The word is still fresh,  but the fact is we have basically been driven by our disgruntled neighbor to discontinue all noisy gathering.  We were planning to move anyway.   The Marburg Multi-Media Extravaganza, originally scheduled as an all-day art show/potluck/raffle/mini-festival on June 25,  has been postponed for the fall time,  to kick off a new chapter.

This summer,  as many of us Marburg folk transition out from Hotel living,  we travel outward for some weeks before returning to seek out new event spaces and living spaces.

Adam, Brodie + Eddy, who make up Honest Abe, embark on July 9 for St. Louis, eventually Albuquerque and the West Coast.  This tour endures for 5 weeks, and will be entirely documented visually and aurally for the purposes of compiling and sharing the collective experience.  We go to spread our sound, and also to connect with new folks and explore alternative communities,  intentional and not,  in order to learn how to live well, as our selves. You can catch Abe before they leave at their tour send-off show at Rohs Street Cafe on July 7.

SHADOWRAPTR is soon to release their latest recording,  a lengthy EP titled “It’s Always Winter on the Moon” .. and the whole package is so tight.  The band will be playing some regional shows on July weekends,  and you can be sure to catch them on July 8 at Fountain Square with Cincy Brass,  as part of the MPMF Summer Series. You may also catch them at The Comet this Tuesday night.

The Happy Maladies  are in the recording process as well, and are looking at a release by the end of the summer.  This album also follows a lengthy EP format, the music more intimate , intricate, travelling further .  Tracks include Lakes, Hamstring City,  and Bird and Babe Find A Wire [for which a hi-quality video has been created and released]  .

The Harlequins  have also been working with Marburg engineers,  recording some tracks at The Hotel and some at The Mockbee .  They have slated to release a set of fresh tracks, EP style –  called Midwest Coast – on July 1 at Fountain Square,  be there or be Square [Fountain].  Show is FREE.

In other news, “the Earth is indeed round.”   yeah.  right.

see you !

-e=Mc  too.


June Events

Some changes to whatever was posted here earlier this month.

June 3 –  Open Mind Night.

June 4 –  “The Marburg Hotel” Real-Ease Party

June 18 –  2nd Annual Dank Dance Get Down

June 25 –  Final Marburg Multi-Media Extravaganza

Please consult  the calendar page for links to facebook events and extensive details about each bit.  We hope to catch you alive and well as we are winding down.

.. live from Marburg Hotel Basement  May 2010.  footages by Lauren Pray…

.. more Marburg footages .



these folks played..

..check out more live footage  from  The Marburg Hotel .

.video by Lauren Pray…