Okay so , summer is slow with the heat and we all fall still, but now we as a collective have reconvened with renewed energy and fresh ideas.  For you, who has ever stumbled upon this hidden blog, we hope you trust to stay tuned into our works because it is in fact gaining speed.

Open Mic nights will continue monthly decorated with live show. Bands touring nationally are requesting to play in our space, so these events are bound to take place.  We are surging for a variety in visually aesthetic events, with a strong artists’ contingency now perking.  There may also begin various openings of art and music in rental property for something of a one-night-stand with a bigger venue.  Eventually, hopefully within the year,  we will find our ideal space which includes residency, recording studio, community garden and event space, all separate but all in one, perhaps in Northside or somewhere downtown, who knows.

Our next big step is a two-night compilation release/aesthetic experience/fundraising event hosted by the ArtWorks Project Space on Central Parkway, October 15 + 16.  We are producing a compilation album – 12 tracks of Cincinnati bands and spoken word artists including The Happy Maladies, No No Knots, Peter Adams, Jim Swill..  We are also pulling together a variety of visual artists to hang work in the gallery,  producing a video compilation of “about the Marburg,” past shows and open mics.  The 15th is a private dinner and silent auction, with presentations about the Marburg and a live performance by Peter Adams.  The 16th, Saturday night, is continuation of silent auction, open gallery, and live performances by the Happy Maladies and No No Knots.  Cover charge will be close to nothing and our compilations plus individual artists’ work will be for sale.

We are soon to purchase domain for a more legitimate website, and we promise to be regularly updating.

Until then, we hope this news meets you well, and that you are growing rounder every day.

Much Love,

Marburg Collective


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