44 more years!

There is a way to act on whim, or be whimsical, and become in a state of flow, or momentum accelerating, which with consistency may beget culture. In a cacophony of densely accumulated energy particles,  one learns to trust intuition, funneling through hollowed-out cylindrical frames, interwoven, diverging pathways.

Point being we are continuing to organize events in hopes that you all will continue to show your appreciation. Open mic nights, house concerts, more novel craft workshops and yoga classes,   private and public recording sessions, evolving media circulation.  We are stringing ideas in order to make these creative events more accessible for our public community, and it will continue to thrive only if you are willing and able to contribute time and energy.

The Open Mind Night has been home at Marburg Hotel for one year to solo music endeavors, poetry readings and spoken slam musings, spontaneous instrument circles , improvisatory make-it-works, theatrical ditties, avant-garde blend sessions, and loads of hootin and hollering, porch parties and empty alcohol consumption for the sake of perpetuating a cultivation of that warm energy to which we gravitate almost blindly, since the dawn of life, in order to ensure our survival into the next hour. Truly it is a noble endeavor, as evident in your presence month to month.

Let it be known that whether we have a grasp on its validity and prosperity, individuals are working ruthlessly in their crafts with faith in the unspoken, vaguely defined revolution of intrinsic problem-solving in motion towards a headspace where the well-being of all being is the priority.

We invite you cordially to participate ..

11/26 – DANKSGIVING [a leftover Thanksgiving feast + clothing drop n swap/free-for-all]  – bring food to share and clothing you have been meaning to ditch.  all leftovers will proceed to Goodwill in holiday spirit] .  event @ 7:00.

11/27 – Miles Uroshevich releases his newest album of heart-bursting expression.  @ the Marburg, show starts around 8:00.

11/28 – Raccoon Raccoon [Minneapolis folk duo] w/fractal fractal [djembe/violin free improv] .   show @ 8:00.   DONATIONS for the touring band PLEASE.

12/1 – CLASSICAL CAFE [a monthly series of classical music @ Rohs St. Cafe in Clifton Heights – 245 W. McMillan].  featuring music of Schubert, Brahms, Messiaen, Dohnanyi, Vivaldi, Chopin + Stuart Smith.  8:00.

12/3 – Open Mind Night @ MArburg. 8:00.

12/4 – Marburg Collective presents “44” – a Saturday afternoon series in the lobby of the Contemporary Arts Center [44 E. 6th St.].  music by Jordin Goff’s Healing Trapeze + SHADOWRAPTR + Ben Sloan.    We will be promoting our compilation of Cincinnati musicians and spoken word artists —> http://marburgcollective.bandcamp.com/album/marburg-collective-presents-a-compilation <— recorded entirely at the Marburg Hotel.  We will also be releasing “The Marburg Hotel” – a video package by Lauren Pray of footage from Marburg open mics, live shows, including a feature film about the Marburg Project, it’s people and it’s dreams.         2-4pm @ CAC.

12/4 – night time Marburg show with Tim Kaiser [http://timkaiser.org/] – electronic musician extraordinaire.  show @ 8:00.


This is enough for now.  Check our calender for this information repeated.  We are doing our best to keep up, it is a busy time now.  We hope you understand.

Cheers and good fortune,

The Marburg Collective


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