and then the year was new, and it was good.  it has already happened, but we’re gonna slow it down for catch all the details  along the way, why not.  if some words make not sense,  try saying them out loud and listen simply to the sound structure, be less weary of what they think they mean.

i strife rapidly back and forth in order to assume some average, some mean,  a general move about the middle ground.  i believe very strongly in blending, mixing [colors, perspective, foods, symbols] as a means to create momentum.  i am very excited for the following events,  hosted  by or affiliated with the Marburg Collective  …

1/6The Sleeping Sea [Marburg’s own zebras] ,  Herculaneum [Chicago experimental jazz]  + Guerilla Toss [Boston post-punk free jazz blah]  .          FREE + All AGes [donations suggested for the touring bands].                          doors @ 8, show @ 9 in the Marburg Hotel’s  first floor apartment .          [Facebook event ]…

1/7The Happy Maladies [local chamber folks],  No No Knots [local dance pop] + Ghost Shirt [Columbus power pop]   &  LIVE visual art performance  !               $4 + all ages @ ROHS STREET CAFE ,  a benefit show.                                  potluck @ 7.  music @ 8.      [ facebook ]

1/12 – Classical Cafe [a monthly series of classical music at the Rohs St. Cafe]       music begins promptly @ 8 .   event is FREE.

1/14 – Open Mind Night  [an open -mic style spill it free for all]

@ 8:00 in apt. 1w,  Marburg Hotel .    FREE  .   ALL AGES.

1/15 – BEDROOM BASH  [hosted for the first by 2W ,  in 2W’s back bedroom]     music by Ann Weigel, M. M. ValentineJordin Goff + Sleeping Sea –   all Marburg natives.  show is FREE, just bring yer self.  8-11 pm.

1/19185668232 [Philly whisperesque folks] w/Black Bloc [louder stuff] donations PLEASE.   showtime flexible (get there early) .

Marburg Hotel  is 260 Ludlow Ave.    Rohs St. Cafe   is 245 W. McMillan

that’s it for now.  hope to stay in good communications with anyone out there. gonna get a mailing list going, slowly but surely.  if you would like to join, learn more of what’s happenin up here,  contact please —> .

ok1,  happy new year .!

adm ,  / marbrg collective


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