Hey readers,

Marburg has over the last couple of months realized a variety of shows, all successful. Your attendance has been well, and we very much appreciate your full support.

For April into June, we will be hosting fewer events, leading up to a temporary summer hiatus. Most of us will be travelling. fractal fractal is planning a five week, 6000 mile West Coast loop tour which will take all of July and some of August. We spending time ample time in Albuquerque and San Francisco along the way, meeting old friends and making new connections. Many of us also will be graduating this June, which offers the most significant transition of our lives.

We are hoping pretty fervently to be relocating into Northside, to fulfill our intentions in a space larger than the Hotel. Should all pieces fall into place, we should be back up and running by fall time.

Looking soon to a period of redefining, rehashing the purpose of this Project, expanding our mission and strengthening the stability of its core. These are, after all, our lives, and we should allow ourselves the space to direct them as we see well.

Thanks and good fortune. Hope to see you soon.



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