out with a bang.

so May and June  bring our final two months of events and recording sessions at Marburg Hotel, which has been our homey home for nearly 3 years.  no worries, the lot of us are looking sincerely for the ideal space, to which we hope to relocate after summer travels.  this space feels more expansive, broader reaching, versatile, structurally sound, active and vibrating, gaining momentum, breeding good energies.

from now, we offer a handful of events, and they ought to be rad!   > two nights of Open Mind [open mic]  – May 6, in coincidence with Rome’s “Tune-In Park” Festival in Burnet Woods.   June 10,  a final go the Friday before our college graduation, a worthy celebration. – > a unique basement show on May 26, featuring the Sleeping Sea  and  Fertile Crescent, friends from Albuquerque.          > our fourth and final raging dance party at the Hotel – The 2nd Annual Dank Dance Get Down, June 18 ,  there will be no letting up, no letting down. [in spirit of John Dank!]  – >  perhaps a final show , tour send-off for fractal fractal and boyfriend.    [brodie johnson makes a swift return and we welcome him with fat grins].

we expect to be finalizing recording projects with both SHADOWRAPTR and The Happy Maladies by the end of June.  also we plan to release Brodie’s first full solo album under the moniker Boyfriend by that time.

would like for you [and us] to know what is going on , so that we can keep this thing rolling and keep our wits about it all the times. we invite your support, your presence is welcome and we promise an engaging experience.




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