..shalt not tarry

Hey folks,

IF the summer is for spinning outward and flex about, all out all the time,  now may we hold it in our bellies,  energy a-biding with a kind of focus and direction with which we may practice step-by-step, and discipline, and many short term accomplishment. 

The Marburg Hotel houses new tenants, and the lot of us who were interested in hosting events have since moved  away. Many of us are in temporary living situations, until the right kind of space comes to settle. Momentarily,  there resides in this name “Marburg”  a load of potential energy, and momentum,  that has been cultivated by a good lot of people, by the folks who have performed and spilled and wept and crept in the Marburg Hotel, the folks who attended shows with various levels of attention, the folks who with effervescence at the happening,  swallowed the bigger bubbly projections to settle with what there was to offer,  which was a free space, and you are welcome to share in it.

The Marburg Collective, which has always been loosely defined, but comprised at the core of a brilliant set of heads, will continue to pursue projects – to do with the arts, and live shows – in coincidence with fulfilling personal goals, and making a healthy living, individually.  The future of the name “Marburg” remains fuzzy, but knowing it proceeds with real, tangible plans for a variety of events, recordings, composing and performing, no worries.

At this point,  there is a great deal of energy going into the event space/business at Rohs Street Cafe. A fresh coat of paint, acoustic paneling, a mailing list !  hot sweet billy bones,  come on in for that wicked drip coffee.  This fall will feature the reinitiation of monthly Open Mic Night – Oct. 14, Nov. 18, Dec. 9 – as well as monthly Classical Cafe   –  Oct. 12, Nov. 16, Dec. 7 –  which features alternative venue classical and “new” music performance, at the collegiate and professional levels.  A continuation of the Writer’s Round – a songwriters’ round robin – and live jazz on Thursdays. Most every Friday and Saturday night there will be a show, and stay tuned for “Art Fuel” –  a multi-media mash of unconventional visual art display and avant music performance on October 28.  Keep up with these events  at RSC Events [https://www.facebook.com/groups/259633097390036/] .

Until then, holler.  We’ll see you in Sweden.



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