a concerted effort

dearest readers,

the marburg collective is group of creative folk connected and inspired by their creative work.   the collective extends to incorporate any and every Cincinnative enthusiastic about energizing the arts community in this city. the collective exists graphically as a cluster of concentric social circles, at the center of which reside core cohorts of expressive and anxious pace makers.   this is a vision.

a particular group of us seem afloat around a concerted effort to make strides in the direction of potent live experience.  the effort manifests in musical collaboration thru the filters of a number of projects, namely Gorgeous,  which will leak new material on the 30th of September at Rohs. a new recording compilation project is under way, as is the organization of various events in various concert spaces.  the effort is only meaningful with the participation of a community, which includes you, and it is easy to support the cause, simply by being present and offering your voice.

the cause is still being defined.  one reason for perpetuating meaningful live experience is because it helps us to enjoy being here, being active and present.  beyond this reason, we consider whether or not we want to engage in ourselves. if not, then what point?




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