this webspace is currently under construction,   which means we are creating/rearranging pages , drafting ideas,  focusing intentions , writing bits,  building a real, stable structure out of incredibly energetic ideas,  and it is always a work in progress.  so let you know, if watching here, you watch it grow !

if any particular questions ,  comments, insights,  insults ..  messages to .  do it directly thru contact page.  why not!

the lot of us are living together in a new house, with instruments accessible and interactivity abundant.  evolutionary .

day to day , your individual effort counts for what it’s worth,  and use it, to help your self,  help your peers,  your communities.  energies are positive and negative, and you choose how to direct your bit.

many projects under way,  setting short term goals, long term goals to fulfill our potentials, to fufill our purposes. do what you can, with humility, and the rest will follow.

let’s chat soon.


post scriptum ..    there is a new new home-style open mic night in town, a genuine hootenanny.  the next one scheduled for Nov. 11 at 222 Lyon St. in Clifton Heights.  in addition, check out a recurring open mic at Rohs Street Cafe on Nov. 18, and a bit earlier that evening, an open mic event on UC campus,  hosted by Undergrad English Society .


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