Friends With Friends .

an audio compilation series, each volume furnished with four unique tracks by four local musical entities. the audio work transgresses in collaboration among exciting Cincinnati musicians and the recording engineers of the Marburg Collective.  we release a limited edition of the package every three months, marked by a live performance from each of the four bands in a distinguished venue of central Cincinnati.

Volume One is entitled “Underwater Rock” featuring The Harlequins, The Sleeping Sea, SHADOWRAPTR, and one band TBA. The album is slated to release in January.

Improvisation Class

In spaces lent by the Clifton Cultural Arts Center [ CCAC ], this class will explore real-time musical improvisation from a variety of perspectives, incorporating creative games and exercises, instrumental and non-instrumental, to engage and encourage the individual to realize and activate the improvisatory nature of everyday living. This class will be team-taught by members of the Marburg Collective.

Marburg Archives

Spanning two years at the Marburg Hotel, on Ludlow in Clifton, there was an evolution of live events from basement shows to open mic nights, films screenings and free concerts, much of which was documented, aurally and visually.  We dig now into the archives to retrieve and release arrangements of these records. Stay tuned for weekly posts, starting sometime soon.


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