The Studio is a passionate effort by Ben Sloan and Aaron Modarressi to engineer and produce quality audio work  and simultaneously offer affordable and reasonable recording services in collaboration with potent Cincinnati musicians.  Functioning interdependently among the Marburg Collective, the Studio has come to serve many of our own collective musical endeavors as well as those of good friends and good people.

Between private recording sessions and live event documentation, the Studio has pervaded Marburg Hotel Open Mind Nights, many of the Hotel’s house concerts and basement shows, a number of one-time sessions with local sound artists, and a handful of major recording projects with some outstanding bands.  With the advantage of having been mobile and essentially de-centralized for most of it’s life , the Studio has been able and fortunate to utilize a variety of beautiful spaces, including the sanctuary of Rohs Street Cafe, the catacombs of the Mockbee and living rooms of the Marburg Hotel.

Major productions with the Studio include Sun Shines the Little Children  by The Happy Maladies,  It’s Always Winter on the Moon by SHADOWRAPTR, and Midwest Coast by The Harlequins.  The Studio is also responsible for a 14-track compilation, presented by the Marburg Collective, which contains tracks from private and public sessions with a combination of sound and spoken word artists.

The Studio recently found a home on Airport Road in the hub of Dustin Chow’s Today Cincinnati Productions. Currently, there is an exciting jumpstart of a new audio compilation series called Friends With Friends, which intends to be an ongoing quarterly production for the purpose of producing and promoting a spread of Cincinnati music.


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